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All our guides are lovely, very qualified and experienced so they do get very busy and it is worth being organised and book in advance for any of the below sessions. If there isn’t a session running when you stay, don’t worry, it may still be possible to organise one.


We are here to make sure you have the best break possible, we have access to all sorts of activities and vital information to get you the  trip you want. Equally if you want to be left in peace, we can organise that. Let us know what you would like to do and we will make it happen.


You will be in very good hand on our two-hour forage walk in the beautiful coastal or countryside forage. As a fully qualified dietitian, herbalist and forage teacher it is an absolute pleasure to walk through natures pantry and find everything you need right there in front of you. The knowledge is vast and you will come back a more informed person and better for it, fully charged an inspired with a taster of mother natures bounty.


Nature not only offers food and water, but the chemistry behind the plants unlocks all sorts of amazing compound’s. All of which we find our medicines, cleaning products, beauty care products and more. Come and learn how to forage, process and uses these amazing elements at their best in one of our make your own lessons.


This beautiful guided evening tour to teach you about the beauty and mystery of our beloved bats. You will learn the different species how we identify them but more importantly how to protect them and what you can do to help save these enchanted mammals. So we will take you on a journey on a beautiful summer evening to learn more about bats with our ecologist and very capable wildlife defenders.


Private consultations can be offered with regards to food, the body and natures remedies, should you feel the need. This is a very private session and discussions before you arrive need to be had in advance. Please enquire on the above number or email.


We do have a lovely yoga teacher who can come to do private 1:1 session or happy to do a group session at the sites if more people are interested. Please let us know when you book and we can organise this.

We have a lovely 8-seater Dory boat which you can charter for a day or half day. It comes with its own captain and you can have optional extras such as champagne lunch or bring your own.

Depending on where the boat is when you stay, we can take you round the broads or out to sea and along the coast.


With very experienced guides we can organise kayak trips down some very beautiful and picturesque rivers and waterways. The tranquilities is breath-taking, very calm and very suitable for all the family. Alternatively, we can just hire you these items if you have the experience.


Learn to make a fire and enhance your bushcraft skills. These are fun session for all the family depending on when you stay will depend on what is running, it is wise to call or message in advance for all of the above to avoid disappointment.  

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